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Wellness Care

We’d be thrilled to have your pet as a patient.

Keeping up with routine wellness care

is a must when it comes to giving your pet the healthiest, happiest life possible.
Comprised of services like physical exams, vaccinations, microchipping, parasite prevention, and nutrition counseling, wellness care is intended to ward off disease while providing opportunities for us to detect early warning signs of health problems. Here at Mariemont Veterinary Clinic, we believe that these services form a solid foundation for a healthy life, and we’d be thrilled to have your pet as a patient if they’re in need of wellness care in Cincinnati!

Comprehensive Wellness Services for Pets

Whether you have a dog, cat, or even an exotic pet, routine veterinary care protects them from disease and enables us to monitor their ongoing health. Like people, most pets need annual checkups. Depending on your pet’s age, species, and health status, however, we may recommend bringing them in more frequently.

During your pet’s exam, we’ll check them over from the end of their snout to the tip of their tail. We’ll check their temperature and weight, look inside their ears, eyes, and mouth, palpate their abdomen, work certain joints, and more. To form a complete picture of your pet’s overall health, we also recommend routine bloodwork. This lets us check for problems that may not be detectable during a regular exam.

We will take the time to discuss additional wellness services, too. From making sure your pet is up to date on their vaccinations to suggesting dietary changes, our skilled team does everything possible to ensure a healthy life for every patient. We may also suggest services like parasite testing, prevention and/or control, microchipping, or spaying/neutering.
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Pet Wellness Care  in Cincinnati

Pet Wellness Care in Cincinnati

For comprehensive pet wellness care in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, trust the compassionate veterinarians right here at Mariemont Veterinary Clinic. Give us a call now to schedule your furry friend’s first appointment.

Your Veterinarian in Cincinnati!

Mariemont Veterinary Clinic provides wellness care for pets in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Middletown, Ohio; Newport and Covington, Kentucky; Dayton, Ohio; Lawrenceburg, Indiana; and the surrounding areas. Whether they need routine care or help in an emergency, we are here for you.
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