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& Orthopedic Surgery

Best-in-Class Care for Your Four-Legged Family Member!

It's a daunting experience when our pets face

or orthopedic injuries. At Mariemont Veterinary Clinic, we understand the gravity of such situations and the weight of decisions associated with pet orthopedic surgery.

Our dedicated team is here to provide exceptional orthopedic care, ensuring your pet's quick return to playful pounces and joyous jogs.

From a detailed surgical consultation to the post-surgery rehabilitation phase, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide optimal care and comfort to your pet. Should you find yourself facing a decision regarding pet orthopedic surgery, know that our doors are always open to assist.

Our Orthopedic Procedures

Entrusting your pet’s well-being to our hands means we prioritize their health from the moment they enter our facility until they're bounding back into your arms. Here are some of the specialized orthopedic surgeries we offer:

  • Patellar luxation repair
  • ACL repair
  • Amputations

Before embarking on any procedure, we offer surgical consultations to discuss the best course of action tailored to your pet's needs. An integral aspect of our surgical preparation also involves pre-anesthetic bloodwork. This step ensures your pet is in prime condition for anesthesia and surgery.

During the surgical procedure, our caring and experienced team dedicates the utmost attention to your pet's comfort and safety. We monitor vital signs closely, accounting for every heartbeat and breath, and continuously monitor your pet for any surgical complications. 


Post-Operative Care at Mariemont Veterinary Clinic

The care doesn’t end when the surgery is over. As your pet transitions to the recovery phase, our vigilant team remains by their side, overseeing the healing process. We ensure they are pain-free, comfortable, and secure. Upon discharge, we'll provide comprehensive aftercare guidelines, medications if required, and dosage instructions to assist in a smooth recovery at home.

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Pet Orthopedic Surgery in Cincinnati

Pet Orthopedic Surgery in Cincinnati

For premier pet orthopedic surgery in Cincinnati, look no further than Mariemont Veterinary Clinic. With a track record of excellence, our clinic stands ready to deliver unparalleled orthopedic care to your cherished pets. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let's discuss the best way forward for your furry family member.

Your Veterinarian in Cincinnati!

Mariemont Veterinary Center performs pet orthopedic surgery, including patellar luxation repair, ACL repair, and amputations for pets in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Middletown, Ohio; Newport and Covington, Kentucky; Dayton, Ohio; Lawrenceburg, Indiana; and the surrounding areas.
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